First Step

2 min readApr 25, 2021

Do you believe in the product you’re selling? Do you?

In face to face marketing it is imperative to be so completely sold on the product you are ‘direct marketing’ that you can explain what the product is best used for and you can explain how you use the product.

When interfacing with online customers you actually have the same opportunity through Internet marketing. In this case you can provide personal information and unique uses for the product through knowledge-based articles.

I suppose it is possible to sell a product online for which you may not have a great interest. However, the truth is when you are committed to a product and believe in its ability to assist your customers you will find Internet marketing much easier.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs who will latch onto whatever they view as the next ‘hot’ item and then switch product when the next trend strikes. The game of hopscotch may have been fun in elementary school, but it does very little to help you in long-term Internet marketing of your site and product lines.

One of the best ways to get on board in the sale of a product for your online store is to research the product first. This is typically followed by a purchase of the product for testing. In the testing phase you should be convinced that the product has a high standard of quality, return on investment and will have a price that will make for a happy customer.

Far too often business owners will purchase a product in bulk for sale only to discover that the product does not meet customer expectations. This often leaves the online business owner lamenting the fact that they did not take the time to personally evaluate the product before determining their willingness to sell the product.

Some companies will provide a sample of the product for business owners to try, but even if this is not available the product should be acquired prior to opening the line through your ecommerce site.

If you can go into the search for a product line the same way you would shop for a similar product for yourself in a brick and mortar store you may find that you are more apt to select a product that is in keeping with your own high standards and personal taste. Remember less expensive may not translate to a better selling product. If you can explain in a content rich site why the product is superior from a personal standpoint you are likely to discover your prospective customers might just agree with you.